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New Book! Affordable Remodel

Affordable Remodel CoverFernando Pagés Ruiz now he shares his hard-won secrets, revealing the full range of money-saving options available to homeowners today. Many of these techniques and materials the author developed remodeling his own properties over the past 30 years. Others he got by interviewing top remodeling contractors around the country. With the power of insider knowledge, readers too can achieve the home of their dreams without busting their budget. Ruiz simplifies the frustrating complexities of remodeling and points out the sometimes obvious, often hidden, but always effective ways to cut costs.

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Look at what they are saying! 

Martha Phifer  Orlando Sentinel  8/24/07

”Getting into debt in order to remodel your home might not be the ideal way to do it. If money is the only obstacle between you and your new kitchen cabinets, take a look at Fernando Pages Ruiz's Affordable Remodel: How to Get Custom Results on Any Budget (Taunton Press, $21.95, paperback).

This detailed guide covers a range of home-remodeling techniques from selecting fixtures to reconfiguring a bath and gives tips on how to maximize quality on a modest budget. Photos, floor plans, illustrations and charts lend support to the suggestions and help homeowners visualize the possibilities.” 


Welcome to Building Affordable

Book CoverThe first comprehensive guide of its kind, Building an Affordable House is for homeowners and building contractors who want to incorporate proven cost-saving techniques into their projects. Written by a contractor who has been nationally recognized for his innovative approach to cost control,  this book shows readers how to generate significant savings on major projects such as building a new home or adding on to an existing one.

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Why Buy Our Plans?

At this site, you will not find hundreds of plans. You will find a few of plans that we have built hundreds of times. We have refined the details, included notes useful to construction and a project manual with material and shopping lists. We can answer questions and advise you on your project. Each plan reflects the process and approach described in “Building an Affordable House.” We do not design plans for sale; we design them for construction.

Our floor plans…

The 1,600 square foot AG1 and BG1 plans with three or four bedrooms and two baths represent our best selling models. We build these for about $45.00 a square foot in Nebraska and others have reported a $45 to $55.00 range throughout the central US. The plan provides an efficient, cost-effective design with excellent curb appeal.



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